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Revitalize Your Home

Hire The Renewal Group for bathroom remodeling services

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in your home. So, you should love how it looks. If you aren't happy with your bathroom, reach out to The Renewal Group LLC for bathroom remodeling services. We'll work with you to ensure you bathroom renovation is perfect.

If you find yourself running out of space, The Renewal Group is glad to provide bathroom additions, as well.

Call 248-895-5387 now to get started on your bathroom remodel in Fenton, Petoskey, and Charlevoix, MI.

How to bring new life to your bathroom

A bathroom renovation is a great way to bring something new to your home. You can change up your space by:

  • Installing new flooring to make it seem bigger
  • Replacing your sink to get a gleaming new fixture
  • Adding functionality with a tub or shower replacement

Renew your space today. Choose The Renewal Group for expert bathroom remodeling service in Fenton, Petoskey, and Charlevoix, MI.

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